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Long, short, helmet or not, hair is a big issue with us. And we have all been there...the motorcycle hair issues of fly-aways or "wings", not to mention the flat bangs and horrible evenings of trying to de-tangle the nest on your head.

Some might say, "who cares" or "toughen up! that's part of riding a bike!" Well, WE CARE and we know others do too. So we took it upon ourselves to interview hair dressers and lady riders to find out the best hair care secrets for keeping your hair healthy and happy and ride ready.

No matter if your style is short, medium or long in length, you'll find something useful in this information:

"Helmet Head"

  • Smooth, straight and one length styles seem to be the best for women who wear helmets. If these styles are not for you, keep reading.

  • A scarf or bandana worn under the helmet will help to not only absorb moisture, but will also add a thin cushion between your head and the helmet. This seems to be a popular tip. If your style is not rebounding from "helmet shock" then you can always keep the scarf on!

  • Have bangs? Keep a small bottle mister of water in your saddle bags and spray your bangs lightly when you take off your helmet. Use your fingers or a round brush to fluff and style. You might want to practice this at home before hitting the road.

  • Use a small sponge, yes...a sponge, between your helmet and head for a bit of extra room to avoid some flattening of your style.

  • Along the same lines of the sponge, use foam curlers. Wrap your locks up with these before you put on your helmet and when you get to your destination, remove the curlers and WOW! what a look! Of course this is probably a bit awkward when you arrive and probably a snug fit for the helmet too! Use your best judgment.

Tangles and Damage

Keeping your hair pulled back and close to your head seems to be the popular tip. Although this seems obvious, there are others who prefer to allow their hair to blow in the wind. There are pros and cons to both. Everyone has different lengths, textures and thicknesses. Review the advice below and use what is best for your style.

  • Short to shoulder length styles work best without being pulled back. This is only the case if you don't have a lot of texture, a perm or curls. The theory is that the wind will try and tangle strands from your face toward the back. If the tangle that starts in the front is stopped and not allowed to work itself free as it travels to the back, then a nest will occur. If you get tangles with short or shoulder length styles, keep reading.

  • Use products! Gel, mousse, sprays, etc. protect your "do" from multiple types of damage. Sun, wind, dirt and tangles. It also makes it much easier to remove tangles once the products are washed out.

  • Avoid combing after your ride. This will cause breakage and damage. Instead, wait until you wash your hair. If you don't think you can wait, use your fingers to gently remove any tangles and then only use a wide-tooth comb.

  • Never use a brush on wet hair. This causes stretching and damage which can lead to split ends and fly-aways. Yes, we'll say it again, use a quality wide-tooth comb instead.

  • Full of tangles? Thinking of getting the scissors? Wait! Head to the shower and grab your comb. Conditioner at this point is your best friend. Slather on the conditioner and use your fingers to gently pull and pick through the tangles. When you're satisfied with what you can get out, then use the comb. Apply more conditioner as you go. Take it slow and be gentle! Unfortunately if you need to use this advice, you've already got damage. Avoid further damage if possible. For future use, buy a large inexpensive bottle of conditioner to keep on hand for this purpose.

  • Avoid sun damage. The sun can cause drying and make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. Some products on the market now contain sunscreens. Look for shampoos, sprays, gels, etc. that contain an SPF rating on the bottle.

  • Keep it trimmed. Stylist recommend getting your hair trimmed at least once every 6 weeks. This will keep the split ends away and remove any damage that has occured while riding.

Red Hair

Coming soon!
For more information on styles and products to keep your locks in place, check out future Motorcycle Hair review and style gallery.
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