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Not another ponytail! Ughhh...
What else is there to do? We want motorcycle hairstyles that are wind and road friendly but that's not all. We also want to be able to hop off our bikes and look hot and sexy (or at least not like a troll doll!).

Unfortunately, our options for motorcycles hairstyles are a bit limited due to the fact that we ride into road grime, smog and high speed winds. Soft, silky hair and motorcycles just don't mix. So all we can do primarily, in order to not damage our hair, is to pull it back or cover it up.

Short Hair
If you wear a helmet, then you really only need to deal with the hair that is exposed. Usually, that is either put into a ponytail or a braid. You can find tips on how to deal with "helmet hair" on our Hair Tips and Tricks page.

But if you are the kind of girl that throws caution to the wind, (no pun intended), then you'll need to address how to keep your hair pinned back and the rats out. Consider the following options:

There are many different ways you can wear ponytails. The obvious and most classic motorcycle hairstyle is to have one centered in the back of your head. You can wear it high on the crown, in the middle or at the nape of your neck.

Take it up a notch. Consider trying two ponytails instead of one. Why not have two "pigtails" if your hair is long enough? Use some good barrettes or even a headband to keep the front pieces in place. It can give you an innocent yet sexy look and will frame your face nicely. Some of us need to have some sort of hair visible. We all don't look good like the back up singers to Robert Palmer!

There are other plays on the traditional ponytail motorcycle hairstyle such as combining it with a braid or having multiple, evenly spaced tails down the back of your head to mimic a mohawk. How fun!

Braids are the next step from a ponytail in creating a fashionable motorcycle hairstyle. Sectioning, twisting and weaving the hair into multiple styles.

Not all variations of braids will be biker hairstyles because they will fall apart in the wind so use your best judgment.

Traditionally, the majority of women motorcycle riders who wear braids will wear a "french braid" centered in the back. This classic style helps to hold pieces in place but can be a bit boring. Plus, if you don't have strong facial features, it can be very unflattering on some.

Our suggestion for the french braid is to take it a step further and mix it up. Combine it with other styles or make two down the back instead of one. Since most tangles occur around your face and hair line, why not only braid your hair part way down to just above your ears and leave the rest long? Just pop the rest into a quick bun or ponytail during the ride and remove it when you have reached your destination.

Hair Brush
Another fun trick for the french braid is to put in many small french braids or "corn rows" around your face. Braid them just to the middle of the top of your head or before the crown. Basically, just braid the front and the sides. Make sure that they all stop at the same place. Picture an imaginary line that goes from the top of your ear to the top of the other. And be ready for the frizzy hair when you take them out!

Simple braids or plates are much quicker to do than the french braid and you generally don't need the assistance of someone else to help you do them. Try one at the nape of your neck or braid your pigtails.

If you have layers, that won't stay put, braid them, then pull all of your hair back and secure the small braids with hairpins. It's a unique look that looks complicated, but it isn't! You can take it a step farther and go for the messy sexy look just by throwing in a few more strategically placed braids and leave the rest down. This is best done if you have waves or curls in your hair before you start. Then, when you are ready to ride, pull the whole mess back in a loose yet firm ponytail. Let it loose when you get there. If it is too flat, just take out a few small braids and you'll have added volume!

Is your hair a fright and you don't like the messy look? Easy. Forget trying to tuck pieces into a destroyed french braid or bun. Just let all of your hair down, flip your head upside down and shake it out. (Don't try to run your fingers through all of it. You'll just end up with tangles.) Then, section it off and create a simple braid using just the front and sides of your hair. Don't worry so much about the back. People look at your face more than the back of your head. Ta Da!

Hair Clip
Buns, Twists and Hairclips
These styles are very similar in the respect that you are pulling your hair up and away from your face or off of your neck. These styles round out the basic motorcycle hairstyles that we will cover. They are great if you have long hair or medium length hair. A quick twist of the hair piled up on the back of your head is fast and easy to do. Use your trusty barrettes or hair pins to fasten back the fly-a-ways, if any, and you're set!

Hair clips are very handy to have and are easy to take with you along with your gear. Just gather your hair in the back as if to make a ponytail and then give it a few twists. Then, use the clip to secure the hair. Add a few bobby pins or a headband if you have shorter front pieces to keep them secured. If you find that you are always wanting to redo your hair during a stop, this is the best choice as it is fast and easy to do.

If you're looking to find the best way to have manageable, flowing hair at the end of your ride, a bun is the best way to go. That is to say that your hair was manageable and flowing at the start! Use larger hair pins and bobby pins or a large barrette to secure your hair. When you take it down, you'll end up with a gentle wave instead of smaller waves like with a braid.

Just have fun!

Add some biker hair accessories to your motorcycle hairstyle for a fresh look and don't worry about what others think of your hair. If they ride, they understand. If they don't, why are you talking to them? JUST KIDDING! Who cares, after all, it's all about the ride anyway!

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