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Looking for an adventure? Discover motorcycle routes and scenic roads that will make you exit the interstate!

Our country is so beautiful but too often we take the "easy" or "fastest" way to get somewhere. If you are caught up in today's fast paced world of technology and quick fixes, you are missing out on the beauty of this planet!

My advice? Slow down and take time for you! What better way than to take a day trip in the country? or through the mountains? Re-discover America and the beauty that our country has to offer! Make memories with friends, explore landmarks and small towns, visit places you've always just driven past in your car, or just ride!

Think of it... you, your motorcycle and the open road.... What could be better?

Below is a list of fantastic motorcycle routes, byways and roads that will recharge your batteries! Have fun ladies and remember to ride safe!

South -

Tail of the Dragon - Deal's Gap, NC America's favorite motorcycle road!
With 318 curves in 11 miles, it will challenge even the experienced rider! Don't forget your motion-sickness pills if you have a weak stomach. Hair-pin turns and curves require you to stay focused and don't even think of crossing that yellow line!

*WARNING* This road is not for the faint of heart. Some riders do not make it to the end. If you are a newbie rider, please do not attempt this road! For more information about the Tail of the Dragon, click here.

Blue Ridge Parkway - Take a four day trip in North Carolina and Virginia through the southern Appalachian Mountains! Explore the culture and history that makes up this area with breathtaking views! I could go on and on about how pretty the sites are here. I just wish I had more time so I could do more exploring! Click here for information on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Midwest -

Great River Road - This byway follows the Mississippi River for a whopping 2069 miles! That is, of course, if you start from the north in Minnesota. Assuming that you do, you will also encounter Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi. If you have the time, you will need to plan on a 6-10 day trip. If not, just pick up route in the state that you are visiting. It is worth the ride!

There are multiple websites containing information about areas to visit along your journey. Most are catagorized by state. I suggest visiting the website for planned trip schedules and a detailed overview of this route.

Historic Route 66 - Illinois, New Mexico & Arizona Take a nostalgic trip back in time. Unfortunately only sections still remain of this great American route. Historical societies are working to preserve the remaining roads, attractions and landmarks. Make the time to ride this historic trail before more of it disappears! has a great day trip planner for the sections located in New Mexico and Arizona.

Southwest -

Talimena Scenic Drive - Located in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. It winds for 54 miles of gorgeous views along the top of the Ouachita, Winding Star and Rich Mountains. If you live in the area, this is a great day trip or Sunday ride. For information on a day trip itinerary, check out what has planned out for you.

Here are a few links to other organizations that have motorcycle routes or scenic roads:

American Byways®

Lady Rider on the Tail of the Dragon

Know of a motorcycle route that we should post? Please send us detailed information using the contact form. We thank you for your help!

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